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APIs in the Healthcare space, along with APIs in education, need special attention. I'm pretty comfortable applying APIs across many industries, but in healthcare there isn't a lot of room for screwing around--you need to do it right. I know there are a lot of established web service standards for the healthcare space that are widely adopted.

With knowing what I don't know, I tread cautiously in the healthcare API space, but none the less, I think the space deserves attention. Healthcare APIs are a priority, but I'm looking for the space to step up and help me define what this project should look like.

I just don't have the healthcare expertise to provide the analysis that is required. However, I can funnel news, APIs, and other resources in the healthcare space to this project.

I will route any news, analysis and companies doing interesting stuff in the healthcare space here. If you have any thoughts, expertise or things you'd like to feature, please let me know.

Healthcare is an areas I feel is a priority, but I think the conversation on what that looks like, needs a lot of discussion.

Healthcare Companies